About me

Hi, my name is Andrea Beres and I look forward to working with you, discovering more about you as a person and helping you through this time in your life. 

I have worked as a psychologist for the past 20 years in corporate, public sector, government, small business and private settings. I view the counselling process as a parallel process which means we are both learning from each other and it’s not about me ‘telling you what to do’ rather it’s a journey we go on together. Perhaps I become your mentor, sounding board, confidante and advisor in some instances. We work together to uncover what is concerning you and develop new and different perspectives, understanding and acceptance.


My expertise is in working with clients who present with anxiety, depression, past trauma and abuse, insomnia, low self esteem, disordered eating, relationship issues, sexual/gender identity issues, work stressors, major illness, life stage transition, parenting, career counselling, grief, psychiatric illness and personality disorders. I have worked with a vast range of clients and I suppose you could say that I have been witness to many different stories and not much ’ shocks me’. My work thus far has helped develop me as a person and enabled me to become a ‘richer’ person both in understanding and acceptance of others. It is this richness amongst other attributes and skills that I believe I bring to the therapy room. So whilst you may feel that you have a story that is too difficult to tell I encourage you to trust in the therapy process.


My counselling style is to work with clients by:

  • showing empathy, building trust, being supportive (a mentor)

  • creating a safe environment that then opens up opportunities to give feedback to the client

  • being curious about a client's life

  • helping them to problem solve

  • being an interactive counsellor

  • responding in a non judgemental way

  • being honest and challenging within a safe environment

  • using humour

  • encouraging the person and identifying the positives/wins


Drawing on eclectic learnings from philosophy, mindfulness, acceptance & commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focussed, schema therapy, narrative therapy and life skills. I find that clients quickly warm to me and will often disclose information that they have rarely talked about with anyone. 


I am available Thursdays and Saturdays and welcome your booking.

(03) 9809 1234

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