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My personal statement

In my work I often talk about being 'True to self'. What I mean when I say this is to have the ability to stand grounded on this earth for both feet to be firmly planted, thus allowing you as an individual to stand firm like the willow by the river bank which can withstand the wind and rain, hail and occasional flooding rains

About me

I have been in practice for over 20 years specialising in: managing anxiety, OCD and depression, relationship concerns, sexual issues; work stress and conflict; bullying and harassment; life stage and career changes and grieving.

The purpose of the therapy is to help you manage your life better and empower you with increased self-confidence. 

I use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy along with other effective therapeutic approaches that suit the issues you're facing. I am a supportive and direct therapist and I will give you feedback.


People come to me with emotionally painful life issues, and I help them go beyond problem solving to building new life skills and strategies for living. In a supportive, safe environment, I create therapeutic conversations with my clients that help them formula new direction and meaning in their lives. I am committed to helping my clients grow emotionally and go beyond what they think is possible for themselves. When we work together it is with the aim of you becoming more decisive, responsible and comfortable in your work and relationships.

I work with individuals from adolescent to older age, couples and sometimes groups. Parenting issues from bringing home baby and childhood concerns through to managing teenage years and beyond. 


My experience includes extensive work in the areas of mood and anxiety management; work/career; relationships, sexuality, shame and issues of intimacy. My clients come from all backgrounds and orientations - gay, straight, transgender and those not sure about their sexuality. I also help people work through trauma, grief and illness. My clients include individual adult men and women, couples and families.

My major goal is to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin and for them to have a whole new satisfying, and integrated sense of themselves, and their role in the world. Various issues impact on people's ability to move forward. I help people remove these barriers.

What do I do?

Listening interpretively. Help people clarify and understand what drives them therefore make their own choice about their own way forward.


Tuesday to Friday. Evening appointments are available on two nights per week.

I help people(both adults and adolescents) with:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationship issues including sexual issues and affairs

  • Assisting parents managing childhood/teenage years particularly understanding and managing boys

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