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  • What is psychology?
    Training in understanding human behaviour and performance.
  • Why see a Psychologist?
    Life sometime doesn't go to plan! When there is a gap between expectations - and - actual life experierence - there can be significant emotional pain, ill - health or behavioural problems in adults, adolescents or children. Every day problems such as workplace conflict, stress, family and relationship matters can effect quality of life and relationships with others. A psychologist is trained to help people function better, what ever their life or work situation. Early referral can prevent onset of ill-health or other life problems by enabling individuals to exercise the choice to change and to find improved ways of functioning.
  • Who goes to counselling?
    Individuals Couples Families Employees and Work groups We work with people who are managing their daily activities although they may seek improved coping strategies or more helpful ways of relating to those around them.
  • What sorts of difficulties are people experiencing when they go to counselling?
    We can help with: Anxiety Relationship issues Grief and loss Life transition and Adjustment issues Eg: pregnancy, childbirth, marriage and separation Family life issues Balancing work, school and home life Parenting issues - including children's behavioral and emotional problems Managing behaviour and performance Self esteem and self development Shyness and social skills development Stress management Personal Life Coaching Just as some people use their own personal fitness trainer, many now benefit and profit from using a personal coach to: Discover, set and energise their personal goals and visions Address fears that lead to underachievement Improve motivation Fine tune the manner of protecting themselves Understand and overcome unhelpful patterns of responding to situations Improve working relationships Move beyond present limits Target new career path directions Create positive changes in relationships, family and career Balance work, family life and personal space
  • What is our approach to counselling?
    Our approach to counselling includes a range of non - drug treatment methods tailoured to suit each individual's concerns, their stress and coping levels, personality and learning styles. The opportunity and time to 'talk things out' is the key element to each session. Typicially we adopt cogitive behavioural approaches, often in a solution focused, brief therapy framework, sometimes drawing on a background of gestalt, narrative and psychodrama work. We respect the responsibility of individuals for their own life directions and support their exploration of areas for change and setting of new goals.
  • How long does it take?
    Each session is 50min duration. The frequency and number of sessions will vary according to each persons individual needs.
  • What's our service standard?
    As we are qualified and registered psychologists (having completed six years of training) We are also Members of the Australian Psychological Society and as such, subscribe to the Ethical Standards, Codes of Conduct and Charter for Client services.
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